The Global Visions Fund, Inc.

 A non-profit agency, The Global Visions Fund, Inc. provides direct assistance to non-governmental international charities in the form of supplies or financial contributions for specific projects. As you can see by our "Contributions at Work", we focus on the support of children in the international community including but not limited to their health, welfare, education and employment training.

The Global Visions Fund contributes to international grassroots charitable organizations in the form of small project-based donations and/or supplies. We find that charitable groups in developing countries often need only a small amount of money to undertake a meaningful program or project which can make a dramatic difference in the lives of those they serve. Global Visions thoroughly researches and carefully selects organizations from among the charitable groups presented to us by our well-respected and long-term global partners.

In conjunction with a Global Visions trip, contributions may be made to a pre-selected local charity in your travel destination. Donations of clothing, school and medical supplies are also often accepted and either shipped ahead or hand-carried based on the customs regulations of the destination. Frequently an (optional) visit to the local charitable organization can be arranged so you can see your donations at work!

Independent contributions (those not in conjunction with a trip) are needed and appreciated! Your donation will help fund programs and projects as well as purchase supplies for international charitable organizations included (but not limited to) those described below in "Your Contributions at Work".

You will receive a thank you note and will be listed on the "Contributors" page of the Global Visions Travel website (unless otherwise requested). You will also receive notification of your tax deductible contribution to be used for tax purposes.


How can you help?

100% of every donation goes directly to a charitable project!
We operate with an all-volunteer global workforce.

No donation is too small; any amount can help to make a difference in a life! 

Your Contributions At Work

The Hogar Transitorio Orphanage houses, feeds and educates the street children of Cusco, Peru. The mission of the orphanage is to find permanent placement for the children, whether that be through adoption or providing a support system which allows the return of a child to his or her family. Previous Global Visions donations completely funded the renovation of the boys' dormitory, sponsored the building of a rural food center for children and have helped to feed and clothe some of the more than 600 homeless children of Cusco.

The Beijing Deaf Children's Recuperation Center in Beijing, China in conjunction with the Huaxia Charity Foundation combine to offer disadvantaged and orphaned deaf children the chance to recuperate their hearing and reenter society both through schooling and assistance with hearing devices. Global Visions travelers contributed funds to purchase hearing aids for the children as well donated school supplies and clothing.

The Chu Shul Country Nam Children's Home is located in a rural area outside Lhasa, Tibet. The orphanage houses more than 20 orphaned children at a time and is financed solely with private donations. On a recent visit there, Global Visions travelers donated school supplies, toys and grooming items, as well as money for the purchase of food and clothing. Ongoing and developing projects include the pledged support of several young girl's advanced education as well as donations for the maintenance of the orphanage and school.

The Kenyan Children Foundation is a US based international, non-profit, human service organization whose mission is "to impact people's lives through compassionate involvement with Kenya's street children". Since its inception, KCF has committed its resources (financial and volunteers) to providing basic human needs (food, shelter, clothing, medical services and educational opportunities) to homeless and destitute children in Kenya. Global Visions travelers have donated funds to support to this cause.

Rayuela Home in Buenos Aires, Argentina is dedicated to the recovery of abused girls by providing safe housing, education and individual and family counseling. In March 2007, 16 beds, mattresses and linens were purchased for the girls to replace their worn bedding. On a visit, Global Visions travelers also donated clothing, school supplies and toys.

St. Catherine's School in the Mukuru Slums of Nairobi, Kenya educates and feeds over 900 children with just 26 teachers. Most children are orphaned or have single parents who are unable to feed and clothe them. The school provides a hot lunch which for most children is their only meal of the day. This year, Global Visions donations funded the building of two new classrooms, and a cook center as well as miscellaneous repairs and purchases. Continuing support to the school, more recently The Global Visions Fund sponsored the building of a water storage system at the school. Prior to this system being in place, when the city of Nairobi (regularly) rationed water there was no source of clean water for the children. The storage system brings water from the street via a newly installed pipeline into a large tank, which sits atop a solid concrete foundation. Now the children have a source of clean water each and every day!

The Art of Conservation of Rwanda is an organization dedicated to creating a healthful connection between people and mountain gorillas in partnership with the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project. This outreach program encourages artistic expression; exploring the relationship between people, mountain gorillas, nature, domestic animals and wildlife. A small amount of art supplies were donated to the program.

The Aye Yeik Mon Orphanage for Girls in Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar) was founded in 1956 and today is home to over 200 girls, ranging in age from 18 months to 18 years. The orphanage is run by Buddhist Nuns (Convent for the Welfare of Underprivileged Girls) and is funded by donations. It is a safe environment, but daily life here is very basic; even regular meals are sometimes difficult to manage. In behalf of the orphanage, Global Visions purchased 65 (foot) lockers (the girls use these for storage of personal items, as a table for some meals and as a desk for study) as well as bought clothing for school, reference books for their library and school supplies.

Cyclone Relief in Burma: In May, the people of Burma faced their worst humanitarian crisis in over a century as deadly Cyclone Nargis tore through much of the country, killing tens of thousands of people and leaving up to one million of its citizens homeless. Most aid was blocked, or at best delayed, by the military government. Working with our local contacts in Burma, Global Visions was able to contribute directly to the rebuilding of homes and an orphanage in a village on the Irrawaddy Delta~ which had all been destroyed by the cyclone. We also assisted our local agent in purchasing supplies, food and water filtration systems which were distributed to the people who needed it most.

Water Wells in Cambodia: The Global Visions Fund has sponsored the drilling of more than 75 water wells in various rural villages throughout Cambodia. Prior to this, residents of these villages depended on contaminated shallow wells or rivers for their water and now have a source of clean water. More wells are being planned!

The Sunshine Orphanage in Luxor Egypt is funded solely by donations and provides a home and education to approximately 90 abandoned boys and girls, ages newborn to 16 years old. The Global Visions Fund purchased beds, mattresses and linens for the orphanage.

Kan Pauk Primary School Project, Bagan, Myanmar (Burma): Students at this rural school had no desks, no working toilets and drank contaminated water from the nearby river. Global Visions and its donors provided the villagers with materials to build a desk for each child as well as concrete toilets complete with running water. In addition, a water filtration system was installed so all the children now have purified drinking water. The teachers also received storage cupboards and blackboards.

Luang Prabang Orphanage, Laos: This orphanage provides housing to approximately 500 children, ages 5-18 years. On a visit in 2010, The Global Visions Fund purchased necessities for the orphanage including bed mats, blankets, pillows and shoes for the children. Plans are in place for another project at the orphanage.

The Hoc Mon School for Deaf and Down Syndrome Children in Saigon, Vietnam was established in 1993 and provides education to more than 100 children ages 4-16. The school operates on a small stipend from the Vietnamese Government and facilities at the school are very basic. It had long been the school administrators’ hope to have a play area for the children. On a visit in 2010, Global Visions travelers played with the children on the numerous pieces of playground equipment they and other Global Visions donors purchased for the school.

Ouanfssiwen Village, Morocco Water Pipeline Project: Prior to the pipeline project, the village residents’ only source of clean water was a two-kilometer walk to a spring high in the Atlas Mountains. In 2005 the community built a holding basin in the mountains in hopes of bringing a water pipeline to the village. In 2010, The Global Visions Fund purchased (and transported) the necessary materials and the residents laid the pipeline and were finally able to bring clean water directly to their village.

The Ighir Handicapped Association in Tinghir, Morocco: Since 1999 local volunteer teachers have managed this rural handicapped association with very little funding other than proceeds from the shop that sells handicrafts made by the residents. The association provides education, food, medical care, social activities and physical therapy to those who might otherwise be forgotten. The Global Visions Fund purchased medical and physical therapy supplies for the association.

Nakatindi Community School kitchen near Livingstone, Zambia was one of The Global Visions Fund's largest undertakings. The school has nearly 500 pupils, approximately 300 of whom are either orphans or considered extremely vulnerable. One of the goals of the school is to provide these children with a nutritious meal, which in many cases will be their only meal of the day. The Global Visions Fund had the condemned mud shack formerly used as the "kitchen" torn down and replaced it with a free-standing brick building with a tin roof, concrete floor, counters for food preparation and a wood burning cooking area with a new stove and oven. Finally electricity and running water were brought to the building and a proper ventilation system was installed. Now all the children receive a healthy meal each day.

Our History/Mission

The Global Visions Fund, Inc. is a non-profit agency which provides direct assistance to non-governmental international charities in the form of supplies or financial contributions for specific programs and projects. As you can see by "Your Contributions at Work", we focus on the support of children in the international community including but not limited to their health, welfare, education and employment training.

Throughout our history, Global Visions Travel has provided guests with an (optional) opportunity to contribute to a local charity in the destination to which they are traveling. Thanks to the support of travelers as well as the generosity of others, The Global Visions Fund Inc. became a non-profit agency in September, 2006 thereby allowing us to pursue our missions while providing contributors with a tax deduction.

The Global Visions Fund, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax deductible. All contributions and contributors names remain completely confidential and are not shared or sold to any person or company (unless previous arrangements have been made to list you on the "Contributors"page).