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The Global Visions Fund, Inc.

Thanks our many contributors!

Corporate Donors

Enterprise Events Group
Genesis Creative Group
Kennedy Creative
Lithium Technologies
Nipher Middle School

Individual Donors

Laurie Ackles
Jessica Akard
Traci Akers
Tina Applin
Rebecca Araneo
Leigh and Joel Bahr
Gaye and Jim Ballinger
Joan Baylerian
Karen Bell
Mady Bergman
Lori Bird
Ann & John Bridenstine
Tanya Buchanan
Paul Buskey and Tammy Burns
Alina Carron
Jen Casteel
Mario DiBenedetto
Karen Dubis
Tanya Finn
Jason Finne
Pam Fleider
Riki Ford
Dana Higby-Ford
Joann and Jim Francis
Richard Fulk
Barbara Gipp
Barbara and Don Goldberg
Ron Grimes
Pamela Hall
Laurie Harper
Susanna and Bill Hayward
Pam and Andrew Heald
Linda Henson
Chris and Franz Igler
Mary and Tom Johnson
Bruce Kamradt
Lisa Kante
JoAnn & Fred Kolar
John and Susan Koleas
Tommie Kozlov
Lynn and Scott Krug
Patt Kure
Mark and Donna Langan
Greg and Kathy Leifer
Greg and Susie Lochen
Else and Stein Lundgreen
John Magruder
Connie Malewicki
Kathy and Gil Malone
Shiela and Aaron Margolis
Steve Martinie
Woods Mattingley
Bill and Jill Meddings
Teresa & Carlo Medici
Randy & Gena Melang
Erin Meyer
Robert and Linda Meyer
Mary Jo Meyers
Sally and Jerry Munia
Rand Babcock & Tony Nahra
Sheila O'Connell
Karen Ogard
Gregg Olsen
Jenni O'Neil
Judy Parker
Ardyce and Bill Peeples
Bob Purtock
Ruth and Ray Randolph
Betty and Stan Reeg
Rick Ruettiger
Diane Rutsch
Mark Franke & Mason Sherwood
Karen Soli
Lynn Soli
Mark and Stephanie Starr
Carol Starr
Les and Marlon Taylor
Inger and Arnstein Thaule
Karen Thomas
Connie Tipton
Kara and Richard Uhlenbrock
Nick Von Rueden
Pat Von Rueden
Ronny Vori
Pat Walslager
Tim Walter
Gail Watkins
Mary Wrede Werner and Steve Werner
Michelle Wright